All of the costs associated with your choices for your loved one’s funeral will be openly and clearly explained when we are speaking with you about the arrangements. You’ll be given the estimate in writing in our first meeting but we don’t ask for any payment before the funeral. Your account will be sent approximately two weeks following your loved ones funeral, if you pay within four weeks of this you will benefit from a 5% discount from our charges.

Our charges usually form around two-thirds of a funeral account and these include:-

Our professional services:-

  • Us being available to you 24 hours a day
  • Caring for your loved one
  • Making all of the funeral arrangements
  • Completing all of the necessary administration and pre-payments essential for the funeral to happen as you would wish
  • Our personal attention and care on the day of the funeral

We also make a charge for the use of our vehicles and your choice of coffin as well as any additional services you may require of us.

The remainder of your funeral account will be made up of the costs we have paid on your behalf in advance of the funeral. These are likely to be made up of:-

  • Church fees
  • Cemetery or Crematorium fees
  • Doctors’ cremation certificates
  • A fee for the person leading the service
  • Floral tributes
  • Newspaper announcements

Our experience allows us to estimate all costs accurately so your final account is usually very close to your estimate.

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