Religious and non-religious funerals

Funerals are an important rite of passage and it is vital that the spiritual needs of the deceased person and those left behind are met. If the person who has died had a religious faith then those needs will probably be best met by asking their local minister of their particular faith to officiate at the funeral. We would normally do this on your behalf.

If you feel that a service held at a church or other religious centre would feel right for you and your loved ones we will put all of the arrangements in place to make this happen in the way you wish. It is not essential for a religious funeral to be held in a religious building, equally it is not essential to have been a regular member of a faith community to hold a funeral in a church or religious building.

If you feel that a religious service may not meet your needs you may consider a civil ceremony. These ceremonies arose out of a need for a form of service that was not being given from any particular faith position, be that religious or strictly non-religious. The service would normally include music and poetry but could also contain some religious content, such as a hymn or a short prayer. We work with several civil celebrants and would put you in touch them.

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