When there is no inquest needed

If a death is reported to the coroner and it does not need to be the subject of an inquest (when death is a result of natural disease or illness), a certificate giving the cause of death will be sent to the registrar on completion of the coroner’s enquiries.

You can then go ahead and register the death, the appointment will likely be made for you by the coroner’s officer.

If the funeral is to be a cremation, there will be no green form.


When an inquest is required

In a small number of cases – where the cause of death is unclear, sudden or suspicious the coroner will open and adjourn an inquest.

This allows the funeral to take place without delay.

Registration is carried out by the coroner after the inquest is held.

This is usually a few months after the death so to aid with administration the coroner’s officer will issue interim death certificates.

These interim certificates are suitable for dealing with the financial aspects of the estate.

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